April 6, 2009


I've been yearning for churros for some time now. Warm, crispy and sugary--who doesn't love churros? Imagine biting into one straight out from the oven, licking off the cinnammon topping and getting to the sweet caramel filling inside... Hmmm....

My friend finally put me out of my misery by bring me to Churros Montreal. We went a little overhead with the ordering and ended up with DOZENS of food. Oopsies.

Churros Montreal
Address: 7497, rue St-Hubert (a few blocks North of metro Jean-Talon)
Phone: (514) 271-6006
Style: hispanic fare (milanesa, empanada, etc.), churreria
Hours: they change from time to time, so be sure to always call first!

(Going overboard, who us?)

(Oh sweet sugary goodness...)

The place also makes some mean empanadas, so be sure to order a few (or, as in our case, a dozen) to taste. They have an assortment of fillings, going from chicken to beef to cheese. My favorite is cheese and ham. The cheese is melted and slightly pungent, the ham is pink and chewy, and the crust is just greasy enough. Overall a deeply satisfying and cozy bite.

(Another boxful of delights!)

(Cheese and ham...yummy and homey!)

Prices are very reasonable and the location is easily walkable from the metro. With Plaza St-Hubert so close by, what girl wouldn't love a full day of shopping punctuated by churro-eating on those on-so-convenient benches? I know that I did!