January 7, 2011

My year in food

Hi guys!

I'm aware that a few posts from the China trip are still missing, but I just could not let the opportunity of making a year-in-review entry go by. I promise that I'll finish blogging about all the yummy dishes that I had in China in the next couple of weeks, but for now, time to come back to the Montreal food scene. (Well, mostly Montreal.)

2010 food-wise meant...

- Trying out a bunch of new restos! Some I had always wanted to try (Europea, Ferreira, Beaver Hall, L'Express), some I were not so familiar with and turned out to be very nice (Bistro Continental, Chez l'Epicier, Stromboli Pizza, Kazu, Cafe Vasco de Gama). Trying out newly opened ones was fun too (Bar F, Brasserie T).

- Rediscovering and realizing how much I like some of my old favorites (Une crêpe?, Pizzaiolle, Bistro La Marinara).

- Becoming obsessed by salmon tartare and having it at practically every place where I ate. My favorites so far, and winning by a mile, are Ferreira's and Bistro Continenal's.

- Finally trying out Schwarzt's smoked meat. (Yes I know!)

- Stuffing oneself at Au Pied de Cochon's sugarshack (I still get hearburn from just looking at those pictures).

- Empañadas in Toronto and brunches in Brooklyn and NYC.

- Having a food-tastic trip in China this summer. Xiaolongbao, dim sum, Beijing duck...*drools*

- Spending way too much money on the best chocolate in the world, aka Côte d'Or's Praliné Blanc.

- Discovering that I have a huge spot for caramel in coffee drinks. Damn you, Starbucks.

- Loving Mighty Tea's Orange Dulce infusion. Hmmm.

- Learning how to make the perfect scrambled eggs from watching this video. And yes, that's about the extent of my cooking prowess!

- Watching traveling cooking shows online. My favorite is Jamie Oliver's "Jamie Does..." series, though Anthony Bourdain's "No Reservations" is pretty entertaining.

- ...not updating this blog enough. Sigh.

What I'm expecting 2011 to bring

- Frequent (or at least, more frequent) updates of this blog.

- More time spent at my favorite hanging-out spots (Cafe Vasco de Gama, Bistro La Marinara, Pizzaoille, Cafe M...and Starbucks, undoubtedly).

- Trying out even more restos. On the list so far: DNA, La Montée de lait, The Sparrow, Au Pied de Cochon's main resto in Montreal, Le Boucan, Raza, Pintxo...

- And last but certainly not least: HAVING AN EXTRAORDINARY TIME STUFFING MYSELF IN PARIS AND THE REST OF EUROPE!!! I'm studying in Paris from February until July, and you can bet that I will be traveling around taking in the sights and foods! Baguettes, cheese, wine, pastries, macarons...I loved it the first time around, so I can't wait to live and eat there! And let's not forget the food from neighboring countries that I have every intention of visiting: moules et frites in Belgium, pasta in Italy, tapas in Spain, fondue in Switzerland, sauerkraut in Germany...gaah, I can't wait!

Here's to an absolutely delicious and gluttony-filled 2011, everybody!

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