July 3, 2008

Intro post

Name: Betsy
Age: 19
Location: Montreal suburbs, Canada

Why the gluttony?
Because I am unable to resist temptation in the form of food and drinks. I plan my schedule around food-related outings and think of money in terms of how many meals I can have at "X" eatery.

Aficionado, oh really?
I consider myself passionate and semi-knowledgeable. Thankyou, Ms. Musgrave and Chestermann from the Montreal Gazette!

Foodie...or just yuppie?
Foodie-in-training, absolutely. Though the "training" has been limited to working in a French bakery and restaurant-hopping across town.

So can you cook?
Sadly, no. I hang my head in shame here---but I am learning! I can bake decent desserts (from scratch, always) and prepare salads and cook noodles. The proper usages of a stove and pan are sadly still beyond me. FOR NOW.

Ah, okay. So you just like to eat? Do you get very fat?
Not if I eat healthy, varied and well-prepared food that actually contains and tastes like the ingredients. I also like to follow my meals with long walks throughout Montreal. Helps me digest and explore the city!

Last and possibly most important one: Favorite cuisines?
For the time being, it's Italian, Japanese and Chinese. French and Greek are close to giving them a run for their money though.

Hee, I'm a food blogger now!


Anonymous said...

YAY! I'm so excited to see that you're going on with this, Betsy! I loved reading about your adventures before. You can bet I'll be around making "ooohs" and "aaaaahs" at all your tasty meals. :D

Martha said...

Mmm ... Japanese food.

Yue said...


Now i know where to look to for awesome food place recs *____* Because i fail soo bad at finding all the nice food in our city... 8D

Betsy said...

Meg: Hope I live up to your expectations!

Martha: Hmmm, indeed! I have a sudden craving for sushi...

Yue: Lol, cuz we tend to stick to bubble tea places? XD Hope you enjoy reading my blog!

Anonymous said...

Muar. Linked.