July 25, 2008

Ode to a Bagel (or Two)

'Tis true:
Montreal bagels are the best in the whole friggin' world.

As a Montrealer, I'd dare anyone to prove me wrong. Where else on Earth can you find such chewy, fresh and savoury deliciousness? Nowhere, that's where. Even astronauts agree that our bagels are out of this world.

It all starts with natural ingredients and an old-fashioned wooden oven. Throw in lots of skillz (have you ever seen bakers make bagels? They've got mad hands yo!), much love and dedication, sprinkle with downright deliciousness (usually sesame or poppy) and ta-daa! You are now about to taste the most delicious bagel of your life. And none of that perfect roundedness,s'il-vous-plaît!

(Picture snagged from Wikipedia. Poppy seeds (top) and sesame (bottom) toppings. I think these are from Fairmount?)

The eternal bagel-related debate in Montreal is not "Poppy or sesame?", but rather Fairmount vs St-Viateur. Fairmount's bagels are prettier, St-Viateur supposedly has better flavours. I say supposedly, because I have yet to taste both bagels side-by-side (something I hope to remedy very, very soon). If you want an interesting article comparing and contrasting both, I recommend this article on the ever-awesome Midnight Poutine. Be sure to read the comments, they are always the most insightful part!

Personally, I find that both bakeries producing some pretty amazing bagels, so to me, it's all good. The raisin-cinnamon one I had today (courtesy of my boss and her husband) was a warm, chewy, fragant and oh-so-delicious. I ate the whole thing in a few bites and relished its mix of sweet, sour and spicy. Fairmount or St-Viateur? Who cares, it's YUMMY!

Fairmount Bakery
74 avenue Fairmount Ouest
(514) 272-0667

St-Viateur Bagel
263 avenue St-Viateur Ouest
(514) 276-8044

OPENING HOURS: What opening hours? Both places serve up fresh bagels 24/7!


Martha said...

Montreal?! PUH-LEAZE.

Betsy said...

Oh yeah Martha?
Let's see what the New York Times has to say! ;)

Henna said...

Oh yes, let's look at that completely unbiased publication, the New York Times!

Seriously though, I'm trying to find Montreal bagels in Toronto and they're NEVER AS GOOD! MMM, Montreal's really are the best!

Betsy said...

Okay, I admit that the NYT isn't the most fair of judges...but hey, if a NYC publication prefers Montreal bagels over their own, then our bagels must really be something!

I'm glad that you agree. :)

P.S.: I am so honored that you're commenting on my blog...I've been haunting yours for quite a while now!

Karen said...

Gimme, gimme CARBS! I am now craving a bagel, big time.

I've never been to Montreal but hope to go someday. I have a running list of "things to do and places to eat" so I'm adding these. Thanks!

Betsy said...

Wow Karen you found my blog! *falls over*

You're welcomed! Montreal has a very interesting food scene, so do drop by!

Gary Perlman (bagel photographer) said...

Pic is from R.E.A.L Bagels, a good bagel chain, tho not as good as the majors.